FBR detects 21 benami vehicles in Karachi

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has identified another 21 luxury benami vehicles in Karachi.

According to sources, FBR’s Anti-Benami Zone-III has identified 21 vehicles worth millions of rupees registered in the names of different people. These vehicles included Prado, Premio, Mehran, Cultus, Wagon R, Corolla, Alto, Land Cruiser and Sportage.

Sources said that FBR will release a public notice with regard to these suspected benami assets that were purchased via benami transaction as defined under the Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Act, 2017.

As per law, an anti-benami zone can confiscate a vehicle if the relevant person fails to provide the source of income.

Earlier in September 2020, the FBR’s Anti-Benami Zone-III had confiscated some 19 Benami vehicles, including Mercedes-Benzes, BMWs, Toyota Prados, Suzuki Mehrans, Toyota Corollas and two Suzuki Cultuses, worth Rs100 million.

Shahzad Paracha
Shahzad Paracha
The writer is a member of Pakistan Today's Islamabad bureau. He can be reached at [email protected]


  1. If i may be appointed investigation officer i will trace out more then 10000 vehicales which more then 3000 cc used by the politicians but same r registered in the name of their servants and relatives

  2. Yes we do have High luxury cars which are not even registered.
    There are many more things to be noticed other then Cars which we are noticed or Ignoring.there are many important things in Country which is ignoring by Superiors you cannot even mentioned to Them
    This is the way we are Allah help us to be good Pakistanis

  3. After Ayub Khan mafias have take over Pakistan and sucked it dry. 40 large size vehicle in PM Nawaz garage…Maulana Goat had a shoddy portfolio and had fleet of Suvs for family. This
    is only drop in ocean. Pakistan pays $ 6b as interest for loans taken by PPP and N.
    The Ambulance Plane Nawaz chartered to escape Pakistan was $ 67,000. a day.

  4. Yes all media coverage firdos ashiq awan case a land curoz noncustem but fbr can’t take anything from miss she have a use as it

  5. Just 21 hahaha, very funny…. There are rather 21000 roaming around under the nose of FBR. Nobody dare to look at them, these vehicles are being maintained by the elite class mostly political figures.

  6. Agreed with all above comments but no one has idea how the game is being played. If you have any references in Pashin, Chaman, Zhob and few other districts of Balochistan just make a call and inquire about this. All political as well as religious parties are involve. Pray for the complition of fencing at borders. You are not safe untill your home hasn”t walls. We are surrounded by enemies and no one is honest with you. Your culture, traditions and Islamic principles are not changed in a day, there is a huge investment behind the scene to mislead you.

    Majority of the FBR staff never wished for a positive change n never tried to follow the same. In Pakistan personal wishes are more important than any other thing. This is the bad luck. 🙁

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