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We at Profit this week are trying to figure out if “the stock market is not an indicator of the economy” merchandise would be something our readers would line up to buy like they do copies of our magazine. There are, of course, other things going on too. Bad math from Farrukh Saleem, stockbrokers, fashion choices, and memes feature this week. Ariba Shahid brings you all this and more in this week’s social media roundup. 

  1. Any takers for merch? 

Truth be told, Habib doesn’t have anxiety. He has FOMO just like the rest of us who love getting free gifts. However, we wonder if the HR asks employees to post these because our linkedin has been flooded with them. Speaking of which, I might try to convince Profit to release “the stock market is not an indicator of the economy” merchandise. Any takers? We promise the merch will be stylish and also act as a crucial social reminder to all of your friends and family that the stock market is NOT an indicator of the economy. 

  1. Oh congratula-  wait a second 

Imagine working at JP Morgan. Congratulations. Imagine getting there because of your dad. We take the congratulations back. 

  1. Stick to the ugly graphs

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Why don’t people understand that cheaper fuel isn’t the flex you think it is. Also why in your right mind would you compare yourself to oil producing countries that do not import fuel. Farrukh Saleem honestly needs to stick to his obnoxiously ugly yellow graphs. At least those graphs were gross enough for people to look at them and ignore tha atrocious opinions he holds.

  1. Memes export 

If Pakistanis could export memes we’d probably have all our economic woes sorted out. Also we didn’t think our managing editor was a memer like us. For all that Tirmizi sb has taught us, we would like to think that an enrichment in meme knowledge has been our way of saying thank you. 

  1. Yes, you need your CNIC 

This week we have a short explainer on why you need a broker and how to open an account with one. While it sounds simple in the article, the actual process may not be as easy considering the fact that everything is insanely difficult for no reason. How difficult is it? Well, you’ll need copies of your CNIC so you can imagine. 

  1. Quite obvious 

Why do you need so many labs in the same commercial vicinity? Well, do we really need to spell it out? Just by the way, sheep blood isn’t expensive either.

  1. Another financial scandal – kind of 

Leave it to Pakistanis to scandalize an “injection” even when the reserves don’t really show you an injection. Also why is everything the SBP does made into something political?

  1. A man of mystery 

A man of mystery with a locked account and no tweets. Sometimes we wonder what he has to say. Oh well, maybe we’ll never know. Oh to be a fly on that twitter wall …

  1. Read the fine print

Valuations and valuation caps are two different things. A recent example is what happened at TAG as well. But hey, we dont want to sound pessimistic here. Regardless if you want to learn about the startup world, you should defo follow Mubariz

  1. Told you so

We’ve said it before and we’re saying it again. The Roshan Digital Apni Car scheme was a bad idea. This is our “we told you so” moment because we did tell you so. Pumping up demand for cars is not a great idea to begin with because it pushes consumption led growth. Also subsidizing cars for expats makes little to no sense either. Finally some signs of sense kicking back in

Ariba Shahid
The author is a business journalist at Profit. She can be reached at [email protected] or at


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