‘Black’ markets and google docs – this week in Pakistan’s business and economics twitterverse

This was a relatively slow week for us because after all of the fuss surrounding the mini budget finally subsided a little, there was time to sit back and focus on the important things. Things like google docs anxiety and finance nerds – you know, things that affect all of us. Ariba Shahid brings you all this and more in this week’s social media roundup.  


Roshan Patel is right. You’ve got to be smart with your investments. Don’t invest in companies that fail. It’s that simple. On a serious note, hindsight is 20/20 vision and a good thing to have. Some even better advice would be that if you never invest at all and say vague enough things, you will always be able to say “told you so ” – whether an investment goes well or badly. 


Live view of what Profit journalists feel like when they open a Google doc someone else is working on. There is no other option but to feel embarrassed and run away to Mexico and change your name.

{Note from the editorial staff: On the flip side of this, when an editor is working on a document and the relevant reporter shows up on the document the performance anxiety goes through the roof. Remember, the person editing your work doesn’t really know what they’re doing either. They’re as scared, confused, overworked, and underslept as you are.} 

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{Note from the editor: Guys, get a life!}


The Karachi food fest has been very controversial. However, festivals need to be rethought and revisited. Cities are able to get a lot of tourism because of city wide festivals. It would be cool to see what happens if this goes through. 


The use of “black” economy and “black” market needs to be used carefully. Not everything is black. Sometimes it’s just hard working folk trying to get over stifling corporate bureaucracy.


Foreign investors will come for Naan and keema. That’s it. That’s the tweet. 


Inflation gives me anxiety, but hey, what can I say?

{Note from the editorial staff: As you might expect, the team here at Profit is mostly full of finance and economics types. People that are genuinely interested in the economy, making money, numbers, corporate governance and all that jazz. However, we must point out that anyone that knows what Brent is let alone cares about it is a nerd. Nerds come in all shapes and forms. Being a finance nerd is just one of the many kinds.} 


Our social media game is top tier. I hope many are able to monetize it. 


 Things are all getting in place to make Pakistan the next big thing. 


Same man, same

Ariba Shahid
Ariba Shahid
The author is a business journalist at Profit. She can be reached at [email protected] or at twitter.com/AribaShahid

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