A look at the new Suzuki Swift

If you’re a frequent internet and social media, you must have come across a leaked picture of what is most presumably the new model of Suzuki Swift being carried away on top of a carrier (for distribution). It was recently posted by unofficial accounts on various online platforms. We picked it up as we pondered over the possible features and specs of the upcoming Swift. This article is for those who are of us interested in cars and the automobile industry or its updates.

The new Suzuki Swift is the 3rd generation Swift in Pakistan. In the global markets, the 3rd generation has been selling since 2017-2018 and it’s finally making its way into the local market.

We also did some polls and found out extremely positive sentiment about the exterior and the looks of the car. And it makes sense, the exterior is a major break from the design and look of the last edition (2nd gen). It is a great-looking car. Accented front honey-comb grille, DRL headlights, projection headlamps, alloy rims, bold curves, and an overall sporty look… what’s not to like?

Exterior being the head-turner may be the subject of a lot of discussions but interior and other features such as safety, performance, etc. are also being discussed across social media. And of course, there is that all-important question of price.

We don’t have any official news on the features or specifications but we have the global variant to shed some guiding light on these matters.

Speaking of the interior, the shining chrome accenting provides a perfect contrast to the overall dark tone of the interior. If you’re a sporty person, the cock-pit like console will definitely excite you, the jet-like cylindrical gauged speed-o-meter with a digital interface does add a high-tech touch to the looks of the interior. So far, the specs identify push start, a 9-inch smart infotainment screen, cruise control, 6 airbags, D-shaped sporty steering with mounted controls.

Again, all these specs and features are speculations based on what we have in the global variant of the 3rd generation Suzuki swift. Many a time, a lot of features are dropped and do not make it into the locally produced version for several reasons. So let’s wait and watch till there is an official word on it. We expect the price to be in the 2.5- 3 million range given the number of amenities and features this premium hatchback packs in it, but we’d love to know what you think will be the price. Tell us by taking this poll.

About the release date, unofficial sources have confirmed that it is set to be launched late this month in February 2022.


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