Power hike of Rs6 per unit likely on the horizon for KE consumers

Consumers of Karachi-Electric (KE), who are already struggling with inflation, may soon face higher bills due to a potential increase of Rs6 per unit in power tariffs.

The federal government has requested the increase from the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) in relation to two quarterly fuel cost adjustments (FCA).

NEPRA will review the application on April 3, and if approved, the increased amount will be charged to consumers from April to June 2023. This increase could further exacerbate the cost of living crisis in Pakistan, which is already affecting millions of people. The country is facing a multitude of crises, including economic and political, and citizens have been protesting regularly. Inflation is currently at a 48-year high, and the nation’s foreign currency reserves cover less than a month of imports.

Additionally, Pakistan is anticipating intense heatwaves during the summer season, which could lead to electricity shortages and extended load shedding.

It’s worth noting that earlier this month, NEPRA permitted power distribution companies (Discos) and K-Electric to recover deferred fuel adjustment surcharges, with the entire amount to be collected from consumers from March to October 2023. Discos will recover Rs10.34 to Rs14.24 per unit, depending on the consumer’s electricity usage, while K-Electric will recover Rs9.97 to Rs13.87 per unit.

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