PSX rises as ECP announces election schedule for Jan 2024

The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) experienced an upward trend on Thursday, reacting to the Election Commission of Pakistan’s (ECP) announcement of the general election schedule for January 2024.

During the trading session, the KSE100 index displayed a notable improvement, recording a 0.68 percent gain and reaching 46,309 points just one hour before the market’s close.

In a statement shared via social media platform X, the Election Commission outlined its plan for constituency delimitation. The initial constituency delimitation list is set to be unveiled on September 27, with provisions for receiving objections and suggestions from various stakeholders. The final list of constituencies is expected to be published on November 30.

The press release issued by the ECP also noted that the general elections are scheduled for the last week of January, following a 54-day election campaign program.

Additionally, on the previous day, the ECP had announced its intention to hold a meeting with political parties on October 4. The primary agenda of this meeting will be to engage in discussions regarding the formulation of a comprehensive code of conduct for the upcoming general elections.


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