Govt adjusts petroleum prices, impacting PSO’s exchange rate

An exchange rate adjustment of 34 paisa for petrol and 56 paisa for HSD has been authorized

The federal government has sanctioned adjustments to the petroleum pricing structure, effective from April 1, 2024.

This decision allows the Pakistan State Oil (PSO) to revise the exchange rates applied to petrol and high-speed diesel (HSD) for the upcoming fortnight.

Specifically, an exchange rate adjustment of 34 paisa for petrol and 56 paisa for HSD has been authorized.

The adjustments are in direct response to the global surge in petroleum prices, prompting an increase in domestic rates.

Consequently, the price of petrol will rise by Rs10.59 per litre, marking a new price point of Rs207.60 per litre, up from the previous Rs197.94 per litre.

Conversely, the high-speed diesel sees a decrease in its ex-refinery price by Rs3.52 per litre, adjusting the price to Rs265.53 per litre from the prior rate of Rs269.05 per litre.

Despite these changes, the inter-freight equaliser margin for petrol will remain constant at Rs5.30 per litre.

However, the margin for HSD will witness a slight reduction of 33 paisa, settling at Rs3.66 per litre.

The distribution framework, including the distance margin and dealer margin for petrol, will maintain its current figures at Rs7.87 and Rs8.64 per litre respectively, while an increment of 20 paisa is applied to the extra margin on HSD.

The ex-depot pricing exhibits a significant upturn for petrol by Rs9.66 per litre, pushing the price to Rs289.41 per litre.

In contrast, HSD will experience a drop of Rs3.32 per litre, adjusting the price to Rs282.24 per litre.

Noteworthy is the continuation of a zero sales tax policy on both petrol and HSD, alongside the enforcement of a petroleum levy of Rs60 per litre on both commodities.




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