Power production rose 14pc on year-on-year basis

Karachi: A local newspaper has reported a rise of 14pc in power production during July reaching 12,396.63 gigawatt-hour (GWh) from 10,991.82 GWh from a year ago.

An analyst at Arif Habib Limited, Aamir Ali said “RLNG (Regasified liquefied natural gas), nuclear and coal-based generation registered a year-on-year increase of 51.4pc, 93.7pc and 68.2 times respectively.”

This reported increase in power generation has been boosted by the addition of two new RLNG plants namely Haveli Bahadur Shah and one other, Ali said.

Coal-based power production went up by 68.2 times in comparison to same period last year (SPLY), contributed by the addition of Sahiwal Coal power plant.

Chashma Nuclear-III power plant having 340MW capacity was added to the system which contributed to a major increase in power generation from nuclear sources.

Ali added that a 9.4pc increase in generation was recorded during July 2017 on a month-on-month basis of comparison.

National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) reported an increase of 5.13pc in nuclear-based power generation on a year-on-year basis to touch 641.59 GWh.

Power production from diesel rose 2.69pc to touch 335.59 GWh on a YoY basis. Coal-based power generation recorded a 2.95pc rise to reach 368.05 GWh.

RLNG/Gas fired power production combined rose up to 29.29pc to touch 3,269.67 GWh from a year ago.

The share of hydel-based power generation dropped from 35.92pc a year ago to 30.79pc in July 2017 touching 3,847.55 GWh.

Furnace oil based power production also registered a decrease falling from 28.99pc last year to 25.59pc in July 2017 to touch 3,198.5 GWh.

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