ADB to fund establishment of three border complexes at Torkham, Chaman, Wagah


ISLAMABAD: The government of Pakistan, with the financial assistance of Asian Development Bank (ADB), has embarked on a flagship project titled “Integrated Transit Trade Management System”, under which three state-of-the-art border complexes would be established at Torkham, Chaman and Wagah. The objective is to facilitate legitimate trade, without compromising the security of the global supply chain.

In order to review the progress of the project, a meeting was convened by the Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Revenue Haroon Akhtar Khan at FBR Headquarters Islamabad. Customs Member Muhammad Zahid also attended the meeting. Asian Development Bank Country Director Xiaohong Yang was also present.

The Project Director of the project of FBR gave a detailed presentation, explaining the project’s background, objective, overview and progress to date.

The Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Revenue Haroon Akhtar Khan clarified that there shall be no deviation from overall objective of the project, which is to maximise facilitation to legitimate trade and passenger movement by reducing the dwell time, eliminating bottlenecks and improving procedures, without compromising on regulatory controls and security. He also emphasised that FBR should ensure completing the project within the stipulated timeframe.