GrocerApp raises Rs10mn to accelerate expansion

The average Pakistani ends up using 40 per cent of their income in buying groceries. With a rising middle-class and increase in disposable income, this percentage is expected to go up in the coming years.

Just in 2013, the size of the market for groceries was estimated at $42 billion. And with this market growing at the rate of 5 per cent every year, Pakistani grocery startups have their work cut out for them.

Enter GrocerApp, an online Pakistani grocery shopping platform that aims to make buying your daily essentials stupidly easy and convenient.

GrocerApp is hoping to become Pakistan’s first live integrated marketplace for Grocery Retailers. During last year, the service has gone from covering DHA only with one retail partner to seven partners now, all across Lahore.













The principle behind GrocerApp is simple enough – Download GrocerApp for Android or iOS, find grocery stores in your locality to fill up your cart and get it delivered to your doorstep in just 90 minutes.

This model can help even the most sceptical of online shoppers to consider using GrocerApp for their daily list of items.

Shopping for groceries needs to be near instantaneous and that fact isn’t lost on the people behind GrocerApp. We are also keeping your confidence in local stores intact and not delivering from some warehouse or store inventory which gives an additional boost to users.

“Our customers love GrocerApp because we make it easy to get delivery from their favourite local stores. We’re going to use these resources to grow GrocerApp and to invest in making our product and services even better.” Rai Bilal Zafar, GrocerApp COO said.

The online grocery platform recently raised an investment of Rs10 million from Treet Group Executive Director Sheharyar Ali. He is excited about the prospect and says:

“ GrocerApp is a hyperlocal model with strong logistics play, so I think I can really bring in the value to the company because of our experience in building the Treet Motorbikes. Overall, I am excited about this idea and feel there is a genuine need for such services.”


The online grocery platform is already working with the largest brands of Lahore such as HKB, TGS, Euro, Neamat Khana, and Zenith to name a few. GrocerApp is available online as well as on mobile for both Android and iOS users.





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