PTA allows non-commercial trials of 5G

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has granted six months permission to PMCL (Jazz) and CMPak (Zong) to conduct test and trial of 5G Technology under limited environment.

According to a press release issued on Tuesday, the permission is limited to testing purpose only on a non-commercial basis.

“In line with the policy directive of the government, PTA has issued ‘Framework for Test and Development of Future Technologies (Particularly Fifth Generation (5G) Wireless Networks in Pakistan)’ in June 2019 to facilitate testing/trial only of 5G technology and related services in the country,” the statement read.

PTA has always supported and encouraged the introduction of new technologies and enhanced services. However, any impression given beyond the stated purpose by any Cellular Mobile Operator (CMO) would be considered misleading and may invoke appropriate regulatory action.

The statement further said that commercial launch of 5th generation services in Pakistan would be done in due course following a process involving policy directions by government and necessary regulatory approvals.

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  1. Compliments o the Pakistan Telecom., Regulatory Authority the PTA to trail & test of 5G.
    An eye opener to the telecom., world where the worlds largest CES2020 Las Vegas launched today.
    Trust the selected authorised company will provide to the world today at CES 2020 Las Vegas, show on terminal/network producson 5G to be tested by the PTA authorised licensees in Pakistan to the world.
    Pakistan an an icon of black Dhobi Ghatt cable will replace this to FTTH 5G to millions of users. The PTCL Dhobi Ghatt cable can possibly be substituted with Optical Fiber FTTH GPon network.
    This pilot may change the Sustainable Development Goals SDG of UN targets to be met with terresterial network for Pakistan Broadband suffering for decades in worst QOS by sate operator.
    Best wishes to the honorable management, the Chairman, and PTA for an excellent rgulatory authority.

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