PM approves ‘Green Stimulus’ package to boost greenery, employment

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday approved the “Green Stimulus” package as part of the government’s efforts to extend green cover in the county and to create job opportunities for the youth especially in the wake of COVID-19 crisis.

The Green Stimulus package, as part of the 10 Billion Tree Tsunami project, aims to promote plantation, setting up nurseries, natural forests, and promotion of honey, fruit, and olive plantation in the country.

Under the package, a “Green Nigehabaan” initiative would also be launched to provide job opportunities to initially 65,000 youth / daily wagers making them part of the plantation campaign.

The prime minister, in his remarks, said addressing climatic issues and enhancing the green cover of the country was among the foremost priorities of the present government. He said the Green Stimulus package, especially the Green Nigehbaan initiative, would offer employment opportunities to the youth and help in promoting the objectives of clean and green Pakistan.

He added the programme would enable daily wagers to earn their living with dignity during the recent situations arising out of COVID-19. The prime minister directed that all the stakeholders, including provincial governments and international bodies, must be engaged to enhance the scope of the programme and create additional jobs.

He also directed the Ministry of Climate Change to prepare a plan of action for engaging the international community under the Debt for Nature Swap programme to convert part of the country’s debt into a grant for greater plantation and environment protection activities.

The prime minister said transparency and community participation must be ensured for the success of the programme that promised a better future for the coming generations.

Imran Khan emphasized that areas must be demarcated, in collaboration with the provinces, for establishing national parks all over the country as a step towards the promotion of green economy.

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