One of the stranger side effects of the national lockdown imposed on Pakistan between April 1 and May 9, was witnessing perfectly empty roads in otherwise congested urban cities. No Careem, no Uber, no buses, no intra-provincial travel, no domestic flights. Who needed fuel now?

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  1. I feel like this article really captures everything going on these days, in a more refined, or clearer way. Team Profit should really increase the price for these superb articles, but keep in mind, that’s just me talking XD! Also, I adore one quality used in this which is how the article feels like its talking to you. It asks questions which makes you feel part of something like it is asking your opinion which really intrigues me! This is one quality of a great news report and even though I do not get the feel of holding the newspaper and sitting back with a cup of tea, at least I have this which is still better than nothing! And at least I get to drink some tea while doing so! 😉


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