Planning Commission approves $20m Covid response project

‘With this approval, the total amount of funds awarded by PC for Covid-19 Emergency Plan has now reached $613m’

ISLAMABAD: A meeting held at the Planning Commission approved the Covid-19 health emergency response project, financing for which was provided by the Agency Francaise de Development (AFD). The project was approved at a cost of $20 million.

The meeting was chaired by Planning Commission Deputy Chairman Muhammad Jahanzeb Khan.

Speaking on the occasion, the DG Health informed the forum that the AFD funds for the health project would be utilised for effective and efficient Covid-19 case management, upgradation of existing health facilities or setting up new facilities where needed, and strengthening the capacity of the health workforce.

“The funds would also be used to strengthen the health management systems i.e. inventory control, disease surveillance, standard protocols, etc, as well as the provision of equipment to meet the national requirements,” he added.

Social Sector Member Dr Shabnum Sarfraz informed that with the approval of this project, the total amount of funds awarded by the Planning Commission for the Covid-19 Emergency Plan since the inception of the epidemic has now reached to $613 million.

“Of the total, $366 million have now been earmarked for the health component.”

She said that the government has made substantial funding available to fight the epidemic, stressing the need to expedite the procurement to meet the need of the provinces and ensure that the budgets are utilized in an effective and efficient manner.

DCPC Jahanzeb Khan said that the proposed project would compliment and enhance the impact of ongoing government initiatives for Covid-19 response and preparedness. He acknowledged the AFD for supporting the government, saying that the funding was extremely valuable in mounting an effective response and recovery strategy against Covid-19 pandemic.

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