Pak-Afghan trade resumes at Chaman border


CHAMAN: The Pakistan-Afghanistan border crossing at Chaman reopened for trade on Wednesday after talks between the Pakistan-Afghanistan border government committee and other relevant parties succeeded. 

The authorities had closed the border in late July following a clash at the border. 

The border has now been opened for trade, however, pedestrian traffic remains suspended.

On July 30, at least two people were killed and 20 were injured after shots were fired on protesters who stormed a quarantine centre at the border gate over not being allowed to enter the neighbouring country.

The protesters set ablaze the quarantine centre for Covid-19 patients, set up along the Pakistan-Afghanistan Bab-e-Dosti gate.


  1. Afghanistan needs to stop trading with pakistan and instead focus it’s trade through north and west corridors.

    Afghanistan instead should assist to work with the Pukhtuns and Baloch across the durand line to live free from the pinjibies oppression


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