Govt unveils policy for import of bulletproof vehicles

ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Commerce has unveiled a policy for the import of bulletproof vehicles, both new and second hand.

The ministry issued SRO 902(I)/2020 to notify the Import Policy Order, 2020, and explained the requirement for import of bulletproof vehicles. Bulletproof vehicles are importable on the recommendation of the Ministry of Interior subject to following conditions:

i) Requests for import of bulletproof vehicles are routed through the concerned provincial government, which will determine the genuineness of the requirements of the applicant; ii) the applicant will clearly indicate the features of the vehicle proposed to be imported by him; iii) undertaking be obtained from the applicant that he will ply the vehicle only in high security risk areas; iv) the vehicle will only be disposed of after obtaining no-objection certificate (NOC) from the Ministry of Interior.

The same conditions and procedures mentioned above shall apply to mutatis mutandis, if bulletproof vehicles are imported under personal baggage, gift and transfer of residence schemes.


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