Lessons from 2020

2020 was the worst year which we all experienced. It was tough and full of uncertainties. We lost many living legends, faced many troubles and difficulties.

Everyone says goodbye to the departed year with many good and bad memories and welcomes new year with many many hopes and expectations. However, this is not an event to celebrate and party but to learn something from it. Amidst last year many of us lost their loved ones, relatives and friends. But look we are alive even after sustaining many losses and deprivations. It is proof that time and life stops for nothing. Neither time breaked for anyone nor life paused for someone. Last year, everyone committed many sins and mistakes willingly or unwillingly. But we can’t undo them. One mistake once done can’t be reversed but wisdom is to learn from that and strive not to make that mistake again. Doing a mistake is not a big mistake but not learning any lesson from it, is the biggest mistake. So, promise yourself to be something better than your old version. Try to make your 2021 better than 2020. Don’t waste even a single moment of the new year. Utilize your time for achieving your goals and targets.

At the commencement of every new year, we set news plans and goals. We hope that the new year will bring many improvements in us. But an alteration in the calendar can’t change your life unless you yourself want to change yourself. Change doesn’t come from only gossiping about it but you have to work for it.

I wish this year brings prosperity and happiness to every individual who is seeking it. May this year pass quietly and peacefully!

Muzaffar Khoso


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