Asad Umar for monthly survey of KCR, RFC projects 

KARACHI: Planning Minister Asad Umar on Tuesday tasked the railways ministry to conduct monthly surveys on the progress of Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) and Railway Freight Corridor (RFC) projects.

The minister issued these instructions while chairing a board session to deliberate KCR and RFC progress reports.

Asad Umar was briefed on the status of progress on both Karachi-based projects and was told they were running according to timelines.

The federal minister directed the concerned officials to conduct monthly surveys on the progress of these projects and advised them to exploit all available options to speed up their completion.

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  1. “they were running according to timelines” … Amazing to hear this statement being made at such a high level government meeting and astonishingly that some one who belongs to Karachi simply accepting this statement on the face value. The only explanation could be that the time line which PTI govt has decided is not to complete the project in this term but to defer it till the next term (if they come in to power)…

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