Mosharraf Zaidi and the Uzbek connection – this week in Pakistan’s business and economics Twitterverse

The week was dominated by Prime Minister Imran Khan claiming that he knows Uzbekistan more than the Uzbeks, and the moment proving to be another foot-in-mouth instance despite the best attempts of Mosharraf Zaidi and others of the same ilk to defend the Prime Minister. Ariba Shahid brings you memes, advice, and a lot more in this week’s social media roundup from Pakistan’s business and economics twitterverse. 


Polymath PM 

A PPE from Oxford is a degree in philosophy, politics, and economics. We didn’t realise that it encompassed the study of history as well. And that too a study so wide reaching that it makes on an expert not just on Western history, world war two, and border studies but also of places like Uzbekistan.Regardless I think at this point we can establish that our PM is an expert at everything.

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Excuses excuses

It is inspiring to see someone hard at work and trying their best to achieve a goal they have set out for themselves. One such example is Mosharraf Zaidi, who has since 2018 been trying very hard to be supportive of the government and give them excuses they can use. Has he been successful? Not particularly. These explanations seem a little silly and increasingly desperate. We aren’t saying he isn’t smart enough, or capable enough to be able to call a spade a spade, not at all. In fact, it is sad to see people like him trying to do this whether it is to curry favour or out of some misplaced protectiveness

{Editor’s note: This is a rare but necessary addition to this weekly list by the editorial team, and not brought to you by our reporter} 


Life imitating art 

Climate change is real. Life imitating scary art is also very much a possibility. With these extremely devastating rains in Germany, we can’t help but think of the destruction we’d face if it happened in Pakistan. May we all stay safe. It is unfortunate how often we have to rely on miracles, divine intervention, and the kindness of strangers for our most basic safety, but that is where we are as a nation. Every year on the brink of countless people being swept away forever as part of the monsoon season. 


Say your piece 

It is very difficult to stay politically correct on the internet. There will always be someone that can find a flaw in your statement or argument. Should that stop you from sharing, no! Tell the world you hate oranges if you want. Who cares? Let a few people shake. Of course, we would suggest doing things like fact checking and making sure your math is right, because otherwise you can have egg on your face (figuratively). Of course, if it is something subjective like you liking literal egg on your face for whatever weird skincare reason please feel free to share with the world. Life is too short to worry about twitter feuds. Besides, for the current generation, twitter fights will be the stories to tell the grandkids. 


Phadda phadda

Fighting over talent is no fun. It also makes it difficult to retain them over the long run. While universities have added programs and increased their batch sizes, the quality of these grads remains an issue. In house training at this point is your best bet. Perhaps we are moving back to the old days, where a liberal arts major could very easily go and work for a bank. It might not be the worst idea for employers to not expect much from universities. The modus operandi should be as long as you’ve studied something and are a hard worker, come on board and learn on the job. The only problem is, with tech jobs, you can’t quite learn very quickly on the job at the very least. 


For the delivery boys 

Delivery boys struggle to make ends meet despite working a long tiring job delivering things from one end of town to the other. They often carry cash around which is also unsafe keeping in mind the mugging incidents. Locating houses and offices is also not always easy considering the inaccuracy of some google map locations. They’re then made to spend their own mobile credit reducing the money they’re saving from their job even more. They need our voice. 


They brought back up 

You guys may not relate to this one but as journalists we do. The number of times I’ve walked in to interview someone and seen myself outnumbered. My personal favorite was when a bank had 6 people from their team and it was just me. And no, some of them aren’t quiet. 


Classic Corolla 

A Corolla is a hedge against inflation. Who would’ve thought? Not just in Pakistan but in other countries too. A truly wondrous vehicle. 


Ariba Shahid
The author is a business journalist at Profit. She can be reached at [email protected] or at


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