The many amnesties of Naya Pakistan

“First they steal money then introduce tax amnesty schemes. Such schemes are created to benefit the corrupt. Only corrupt elements become the ultimate beneficiaries. This is to fool the honest people of the country and encourage corrupt elements to plunder and amass wealth, only to whitewash it later on”. — Imran Khan

All governments in the recent past when facing economic slowdown have introduced amnesty schemes to kickstart the economy. The result has always been the same. The promised fruits failed to materialize. It is ironic that in PTI’s short tenure of three and a half years, Prime Minister Imran Khan despite his distaste of amnesty scheme as obvious from the above quote introduced three amnesty schemes through presidential ordinances.

Asset Declaration Scheme 2019

May 14, 2019

The President of Pakistan promulgated the Asset Declaration Ordinance 2019 on 14th May 2019 offering the people 45 days (till June 30) for declaration and whitening of undisclosed assets, sales, expenditure and Benami assets at nominal tax rates.


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  1. A party based on ‘Ehtisab’ ie accountability remained at the forefront of helping the tax thieves whiten their black money. IK should his time off to to study finance / economy 101 from a respectable economist and not from Mr Muzammil. Unfortunately like every thing else it seems that he believe that he knows more about Pakistan’s economy than the economists. He has arrived that the Solution to all problems in the economy can be resolved through the construction sector as it engages ‘more than 40 different industries’ irrespective of the consequences and for this amnesty scheme is the best. I voted for IK but his performance has been dismal on most accounts.

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