Exports increase 40.5pc to Rs1.04tr in 2 months

On the other hand, imports during July-August, 2022 show an increase of 23.75pc

ISLAMABAD: The exports from Pakistan in rupee terms witnessed an increase of 40.53 per cent during the first two months of current fiscal year (2022-23) as compared to the corresponding month of last year, Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) reported.

The exports during July-August (2022-23) were recorded at Rs1,043,046 million as against the exports of Rs742,226 million in July-August (2021-22), showing an increase of 40.53 per cent, according to provisional data released by PBS.

On a year-on-year basis, the exports from Pakistan increased by 48.67 per cent and were recorded at Rs548,326 million, against the exports of Rs368,814 million in August 2021.

On a month-on-month basis, the exports increased by 10.84 per cent in August 2022 when compared to the exports of Rs494,720 million recorded in July, 2022.

The main commodities of exports during August, 2022 were knitwear Rs99,362 million, readymade garments Rs72,897 million, bed wear Rs57,055 million, cotton cloth Rs43,159 million, rice other than Basmati Rs22,569 million, cotton yarn Rs19,679 million, towels Rs16,574 million, made up articles (Excl. towels & bedwear) were Rs.13,355 million, petroleum crude Rs12,056 million and rice Basmati Rs9,179 million.

On the other hand, imports during July –August, 2022 totaled Rs2,436,754 million as against Rs1,969,047 million during the corresponding period of last year, showing an increase of 23.75 per cent.

Imports into Pakistan during August, 2022 amounted to Rs1,341,024 million as against Rs1,095,730 million in July, 2022 and Rs1,079,268 million during August, 2021 showing an increase of 22.39 per cent over July, 2021 and of 24.25 per cent over August, 2021.

The main commodities of imports during August, 2022 were petroleum products Rs205,549 million, petroleum crude Rs104,572 million, palm oil Rs92,096 million, natural gas liquified Rs88,118 million, plastic materials Rs46,649 million, wheat unmilled Rs44,977 million, electrical machinery & apparatus Rs43,114 million iron & steel scrap Rs34,396 million, raw cotton Rs32,916 million and iron & steel Rs32,617 million.

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  1. We can import plastic waste processing machinery
    Also we can construct Hydrogen Manufacturing plants, and Hydrogen Generators
    Which benifits Pakistan will import less LNG/LPG Gas because our most gas import for purpose to manufacturing of Fertilizers such DAP, UREA, and NPK, Hydrogen gas will replace the LNG need because from water to Hydrogen Gas manufacturing process is very easy and relaible

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  2. Editor: please pass only those news articles which make any sense to the reader. I mean, what is the point of sharing export and import numbers in local currency and indicating a positive trend? All of us know that local currency fluctuates daily.
    You are asking for a paid subscription to access your articles. Joke

  3. Seems a Govt rep is writing this post! How can a business magazine report trade number in PKR only? If this has to be the criteria to judge the performance of a govt or industry why not devalue our currency by 100% or more each month to get record exports in PKR!!!

  4. You people are damn crazy. just faking people. Munafiqon zara $%mei compare kro Imran khan k daur e hukumat se. Khuda tm jse logo ka bera gharak krey.

  5. Shameless Lifafa reporting. Not the first time Profit Pakistan is doing such reporting. Closing USD rate was 185-188 PTI last days yesterday or day before it was around 239-240.. Take this effect out and there is a straight 30-32 % overstatement on the onset.


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