Investor awareness: SECP encourages women entrepreneurs at WECON 2017


ISLAMABAD: The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) participated in the 2017 Women Entrepreneurship Conference (WECON) to spread awareness among women entrepreneurs through its investor awareness programme ‘Jamapunji’.

The event at the Higher Education Commission’s auditorium was attended by entrepreneurship ecosystem builders, incubators, accelerators, government bodies as well as fresh startups.

The day-long event was divided into three segments aptly titled Create, Cultivate and Celebrate; panel discussions were conducted under each of these themes to educate and engage attending young female entrepreneurs and female students aspiring to build their startups.

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The first panel discussion under the title ‘Create’ focused on the challenges, opportunities and way forward to build a stable, scalable and sustainable ecosystem that helps women led businesses succeed in our particular environment.

Among other relevant issues, during the session the SECP panelist spoke of the various measures being taken by the SECP to support the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country, ranging from infrastructure to financial access and in creation of an environment where businesses operate on a level playing field, where their rights are protected, and the same rules apply to all.

Interactive discussion on topics such as the SECP’s commitment to enabling small startups to establish as credible businesses by opting for the corporate setup, and have the opportunity to expand themselves.
Other measures taken to encourage small businesses such as the introduction of the small and medium enterprises (SME) Board on the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) for raising capital through IPOs was also discussed.

Questions and suggestions were welcomed from the audience. Participants showed great appreciation for information shared by the SECP and lauded its efforts in supporting entrepreneurs and female entrepreneurs, in particular by participating in such events.

The event is the third in the series under the SECP’s Jamapunji banner that aimed at women entrepreneurs and potential investors, since the start of this year.

The SECP vows to remain committed to supporting such initiatives in the future.

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