METRO Cash & Carry Pakistan’s first GFSI certified wholesale/retailer


METRO Cash & Carry Pakistan celebrated another milestone in the field of Sustainable Quality Assurance when its airport store was awarded “Food Safety System Certification 22000 (FSSC)” which is the 3rd store to achieve this milestone. METRO Cash & Carry Pakistan is the 1st wholesaler/retailer in Pakistan with GFSI (The Global Food Safety Initiative) recognised scheme certification.

The award has handed over by Mr Tariq Qamar Head of Food Auditing Business Bureau VERITAS Pakistan who also shared that GFSI certification scheme is an industry-driven best practice guiding the requirements on food safety management systems necessary for safety along the supply chain. Adding to this, he appreciated the commitment of METRO Cash & Carry’s top management in Pakistan to implement GFSI recognised scheme for local market/ customers.


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