Internet speeds attain normalcy as submarine cable fault gets fixed


Lahore: PTCL on Sunday afternoon announced via its official Twitter account that the internet submarine cable IMEWE, which got damaged Saturday morning at 3am near Jeddah, Saudi Arabia has been fixed.

The tweet from the company read:

Yesterday it had been reported, that IMEWE submarine cable cut had impacted internet users across the country, as one of Pakistan’s leading fixed line broadband provider PTCL was reported to have experienced connectivity and slow browsing issues.

IMEWE is said to be a major backbone of internet connectivity to Pakistan and followed suit of two other submarine cables namely TW1 and SEAMEWE 4 which got damaged a few weeks ago, resulting in slow internet speeds across the country.

Pakistan was left dependent on SEMEWE 3, AAE-1 and SEAMEWE 5 for meeting its internet requirements after the submarine cable cut yesterday.

The country is reported to have the least number of submarine cables in the region, amounting to a total of six. A meagre five submarine cables have been laid by the country in the last fourteen years.


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