Pakistan’s first 660cc ‘Alto’ all set to disrupt local automobile market

  • ‘The fuel-efficient vehicle comes as a relief for car users amidst high inflation and deteriorating economy’

ISLAMABAD: Suzuki’s Alto is set to disrupt the local automobile market, and with good reason. It was launched nationwide on Saturday amidst high hopes from consumers and some despair from the car importers.

On April 12, Pak Suzuki Motor Company Limited introduced its all-new Alto at the Pakistan Auto Show 2019 in Karachi. Since then, if not from before, this ‘800cc Mehran’s replacement’ has been all the hype among Pakistan’s car enthusiasts – primarily those concerned with fuel efficiency.

Pakwheels CEO Sunil Manj opined that since the new Suzuki Alto is giving a fuel average of approximately 20km/litre with a 3-year/60,000km warranty, it will come as a relief for car users in Pakistan amidst high inflation and deteriorating economy. “It is the first Pakistani car in the 660cc category and is promising a good after-sales service and fuel efficiency,” he told Profit.

The 660cc R-series engine comes with modern design and spacious interior in three variants – the Suzuki Alto VX (without AC), Suzuki Alto VXR (with AC) and Suzuki Alto VXL AGS (with AC and automatic transmission). The advanced safety features include Dual Front SRS Airbags, Anti-lock Braking System, and keyless entry with immobilizer. Some powerpack features are also available for those wishing to top up the technology in their rides, including electronic power steering, electric windows, electrically adjustable retractable side-view mirrors, and touch screen multimedia player with screen mirroring option.

The starting price is said to be slightly north of Rs900,000 with an upper cap around Rs1,250,000. Alto comes as the replacement of Suzuki’s iconic hatchback Mehran that remained the company’s top-selling car for three decades, before being discontinued in April this year.

One of the primary factors that kept Mehran as Suzuki’s top-selling product was the easy availability of spare parts – one of the biggest and most expensive challenges faced by Pakistani automobile customers with respect to imported cars. Keeping up with their Mehran’s success model, Suzuki reportedly has already shared the parts supply schedule with their vendors and the orders for parts have also started to deliver.

However, despite all the hype, there are some sentiments of uncertainty from the car dealers. A car dealership owner based out of Karachi, Ayan Muzaffar, said that the hype is all because consumers are mistaking this new Alto as the replacement of the previous Japanese Alto.

“What they don’t understand is that the quality and the engine specs of this new Alto are going to be different since it is a Pakistani manufactured car,” he told Profit. He said that it should not be considered a replacement for Mehran either because the starting price of the new Alto is higher than the maximum price bar for Mehran, and that too comes without AC.

Another car importer Wasif Safdar said, “Cars like this that were previously produced elsewhere only come to Pakistan after they have been discontinued in the countries that introduced them first. However, if Suzuki can deliver on its promise of after-sales services then the new Alto can indeed be of major benefit to customers because no other zero-metre car is available at the price they are offering.”

Younas Jan, a businessman and loyal customer of Pakistani brand automobiles, said, “Suzuki made its name in the local market because of the easy and cheap company services. The repair and maintenance cost of Mehran was remarkably lower than any imported car and the same is expected from the new Alto.”

In today’s economy, he said, a car at Rs1.2 million is a steal in Pakistan and the hype is therefore perfectly justified. He also believes that more than the end consumers themselves, the actual boost to Suzuki’s new Alto will come from car sellers who will themselves find the car easy and profitable to sell.

“With the launch of Suzuki, it can be fairly assumed that this new car will not only come as a relief to Pakistani customers with its affordable price and easy maintenance but might also bring some challenges for car importers. However, it will not be a hammer down on imported cars,” said Wasif Safdar. “Approximately 7,500 cars are imported every month and unless the local industry brings their production capacity up to that mark, and start reducing the delivery from six months to maybe one month, the demand for imported cars will also continue.”

Previously, Suzuki had announced pre-booking with Rs500,000 and at the launch event on Saturday, the company announced 30 winners who will avail zero per cent balance payment upon their pre-bookings before June 15. Those who pre-booked would also get special introductory price benefit. According to the latest press release issued by the company, the new Alto will be displayed at over 165 Pak Suzuki dealerships in more than 95 cities nationwide.

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  1. Bleddy cheaters, I don’t know what is the bleddy fun in hiding the price? I m sure it would again ba substandard dabba for which suzuki is famous

  2. These criminals are looting the nation. Suzuki’s 600cc on such a high price???? Shame on these people. Compare price with India and other countries……Calculating the exchange rates….their VX version should not be more than 6 lac and VXL should be at maximum 8 Lac…..and these criminals are selling VX at 10 Lac and VXL at 12.9 Lac???? Very sad state of affairs in this country. People should try to through these companies out of this country.

    • Sure….along with so many jobs…… After that u will provide vehicles and jobs to people… What do u know about India Automobile market…… There is no working from u …… First do complete study

    • I agree the price seems high, but India has a middle class that is over 500 million strong compared to Pakistan’s middle class of around 30 million, so you have to take into account the economies of scale. As more and more cars are sold, it becomes easier for the manufacturer to recoup some of their initial investment and offer lower rates, happens all the time in electronics and other similar industries that require a high initial capital to get started.

  3. I think our people should start a compaign to oust these bad companies from Pakistan. They deserve to be thrown out from Pak//// Shame on announcing such a high price

    • Instead of throwing them out, why not encourage more companies to compete, in any case, you dont have to buy it, who is forcing you? This foolish mentality scares people like me, living overseas thinking of investing in Pakistan. All companies should be free to market their products for whatever price they want, and people are free not to buy from them, it will automatically force companies to adjust pricing, you people are ready to wage jihad at everything you disagree with.

  4. teen daba on high price jo ly uska Allah hafiz ha bycott karo aesy cheap quality products ka jiski price itny high ho

  5. Infact excise and custom duty is the main reason kf such high price. Here in north of pajistan NCP ( non custom paid) imported car of such shape and best quality is not more than 3.5 lacs.

  6. I agree shame is an understatement. Pakistanis are hostages to these companies. Similar models abroad have better safety and environmental protection. Here these models are not only expensive but have poor safety options minus environmental protection systems. I just happen to test out a brand new Bolan, it has nothing close to a seat belt both in looks or functionality.

    • yeah but can you afford it? if you can, good for you, but average person cannot, so we should thank these people for making a valiant effort to offer something affordable, Im sure with time, they will scale back their pricing if the sales do not materialize as expected, everyone is so angry in Pakistan all the time, wow! I dont get this, here in the US, if you dont like something, you simply dont buy it, but no one goes after a company demanding they lower their prices, otherwise they are corrupt and in govt hands… haha! crazy society.

      • Sir it’s easier to say that while sitting in USA.
        Here, where your top selling product is an outdated vehicle, discontinued in entire world, and u sell it for 7 lac RS, that too without AC in 45’C. Why? Because there is no other option.
        People are forced to buy these.
        Who in last few decades have entered in Pakistan automobile industry and given the big 3 some challenge??

  7. Not clear it is 100% made in Pakistan or assembled in Pakistan. Fuel consumption is important, it should be above 20 km per lit. Keeping in view the Pak rupee devaluation cost is reasonable if with in 6 months may have not increased. Hope it’s spares will be easily available from all Suzuki outlets. Congratulation Suzuki Motors for launching the vehicle when the country is in swear economical crisis. Imran Ashraf


  9. In India top end suzuki alto 998 cc is around 4 lac Ind rupee. For 12 lac Ind rupee you will get SUV car in India.

  10. What a rubbish shapped car, not worth the price of Rs.900,000/- you can get a used imported Toyota Vitz 1000 cc car model 2010 with far better features. Besides an A/c does never work properly in a 800 CC car, will it work in a 660 cc car.

  11. I thnk price is high. Please down its price. Market after sale service parts availabity and if possible offer instalment optikns to Govt empmoyees fir grade 17 and above including army officials and national bank employees

  12. Is car ka rate ziyada he is se hazaar derjey wagon r behter he alto ka rate 10 lakh se oper nahi hona chahiye isi rate ki wajah se yeh gari flap ho jaye gi ya phir wagon r band kr din

  13. Suzuki is looting this nation from many decades by Mehran and Boland and alto they are providing very low quality material cars. They are paying much to corrupt govt that avoid them to bring imported luxury cars in very low price. Shame on Suzuki Pakistan.

  14. Please advise the Govt to allow overseas pakistanies to bring one car in five years without customs duty as gift to his family.
    If its happened automatically such cars like suzuki price will go down.

  15. I am in middle east from last 25 years. Many our colleagues from different countries have such facilities they can take one car free of custom duty.

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