PPA raises concerns over decline in chicken consumption, prices

--The association has requested govt to exempt poultry shops from lockdown


LAHORE: Pakistan Poultry Association (PPA) Chairman North region Ch Fargham on Monday said the consumption of chicken had plummeted and prices had crashed, sending a wave of economic stress among the people associated with poultry business.

“Broiler farmers have reduced placement of day old chicks at their farms as a result of which hatcheries have almost stopped setting eggs for chick production,” he said in a press statement.

Fargham said likewise, egg layers have also been culled, which is already showing signs of short supply of eggs. Until last week, day old chicks were being sold at Rs2-3 per chick against the cost of production of Rs38-40 per chick.

On resumption of businesses as usual and opening of schools, hotels, restaurants, wedding halls, etc. the demand is going to spurt and due to extreme low availability of chicken, prices will shoot up, Fargham noted.

“If the government intervenes by way of price controls, farmers who have lost during this period will suffer much greater loss and would feel discouraged for resuming production.”

According to the PPA (North region) chairman, the sale of generic agriculture and livestock produce prices fluctuate in a free economy of demand and supply interaction.

“In the current environment, we don’t expect the government to reopen marriage halls, hotels, restaurants, etc. as we fully understand that life of citizens is more important but it is our responsibility to inform the government of what is likely to be in the prospect,” he added.

Fargham also mentioned that electricity had become the second highest input cost in chicken and eggs.

“In order to avert the losses, the association has requested for reduction in electricity tariffs and deferring recovery of loans.”

He said the government might have a compassionate look at demands of the poultry sector.

The North region’s chairman also requested the government that poultry shops might also be allowed to remain open 24/7 to facilitate the general public.


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