Cabinet likely to approve appointment of USF CEO

ISLAMABAD: The federal cabinet is likely to approve the appointment of Universal Service Fund’s chief executive officer, as the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication has sought approval in this regard.

According to sources, IT Secretary Shoaib Ahmad Siddiqui, through a summary, has requested the government to grant approval for the appointment of USF chief, adding that the federal cabinet is expected to grant the necessary approval in its next meeting.

The federal IT minister has also seen and authorised the submission of the summary to the cabinet, sources said.

The vacant post of USF CEO was advertised in the press on 27th April 2020. Of the 49 applications received, the USF’s nomination committee recommended six eligible candidates to the board for interviews. During the May 20 interviews, the USF Board evaluated the candidates on laid down criteria (academic and professional record, ability, vision and job experience) in accordance with Public Sector Companies (Corporate Governance) Rules, 2013.

Subsequently, in pursuance of guideline number 6 of Public Sector Companies (appointment of chief executive) Guidelines, 2015, the USF Board unanimously recommended a panel of three names in order merit for final selection as CEO on contract basis for a period of three years. The recommendations along with minutes of the meeting were forwarded to the IT ministry.

According to sources, the board has recommended the names of Haris Mahmood Chaudhry (acting CEO USF), Faisal Sattar and Sadaqat Liaqat as the top candidates for the post of USF CEO. They said that the IT ministry has already obtained reports from the Intelligence Bureau (IB) in this regard.

According to documents, the federal cabinet may concur in the appointment of Haris Mahmood Chaudhry as CEO of USF on contract basis for a period of three years. In case he fails to join within the stipulated time frame, the USF Board may issue an offer of the appointment to the next candidate in seriatim. 

Ahmad Ahmadani
Ahmad Ahmadani
The author is an investigative journalist. He can be reached at [email protected]


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