PM assures maximum facilitation for exporters

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday said that the government is committed to extending all possible facilitation to exporters in order to increase the country’s exports.

Talking to a delegation of leading exporters from poultry, rice, fruits, information technology, pharmaceuticals and textile sectors, the prime minister stressed the need for a greater focus aimed at increasing the country’s services-related exports.

The prime minister mentioned that exports play a critical role towards creating jobs and employment opportunities for the young workforce.

He expressed satisfaction that Pakistan’s economy is moving in the right direction with a current account surplus recorded in July 2020 and growth in exports despite the global economic slump caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The prime minister noted that in order to promote the process of industrialization in the country and to make Pakistan’s products competitive in the global market, the government has either eliminated or significantly reduced duties on hundreds of tariff lines involving raw material for the local industry.

He further said that the system of refunds has been streamlined to resolve liquidity issues of the exporters and the industrialists.

“The government is vigorously pursuing ‘Make in Pakistan’ policy, to promote export-led industrialization in the country and our efforts in the last two years have been to further this objective through various interventions particularly in ease-of-doing-business,” he said.

The Prime Minister reiterated that the momentum of increase in exports can only be maintained through increased focus on product and geographical diversification.

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