CAA shifts blame to airlines on pilots’ dubious licences issue

KARACHI: The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) on Friday blamed airline operators for being behind the entire fiasco of pilots’ dubious licences, claiming that it happened after the airlines provided wrong information on identities of the pilots.

The CAA, while quoting a report prepared by the audit team of the board of inquiry, said that the licences of pilots were suspended and they were grounded owing to the fault of the airline operators.

The remarks from the CAA came after the aviation authority on Friday declared the licences of 30 more pilots as genuine and the additional director licencing issued an official notification in this regard.

The board of inquiry thoroughly verified the Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) and Commercial Pilot License (CPL) of the 30 pilots, who were earlier suspended over dubious licences, and found that it happened after they were provided wrong IDs of the pilots from the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and two other private airlines.

The CAA said that action would be taken against airlines that provided wrong information leading to the entire mess up that also raised serious credibility issues for the Pakistani pilots abroad.

On 15 July, Pakistan Airlines Pilots Association (PALPA) said that none of the pilots in Pakistan possesses dubious ATPL licenses.

Our point of view got vindicated once again after the director general of CAA conveyed to their counterpart in Oman in a letter that none of the pilots in Pakistan possesses dubious ATPL licenses, said the pilots association.

The PALPA said that the letter quoted that none of the licenses is dubious and shows that the matter was not handled in an amicable manner.

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  1. Fake license scandal: ICAO advises Pakistan to suspend issuance of new pilot licenses.

    Civil aviation Authority (CAA) should be ashamed of their self for blaming air lines for fake licenses.

    • It is time that a serious inquiry be done to determine
      1. Who asked for such a bogus list.
      2. Those 5 members of board of inquiry should be held responsible their names are well documented
      3. Who advised the minister to present the list in such a way.
      All found responsible should be trialed for treason

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