Low gas pressure continues to impact KE’s generation capability

K-Electric (KE) continues to be challenged by low gas pressure from the Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC), said Karachi’s sole energy provider in statement issued on Friday.

“While the quantity of the required gas remains available, decreased pressure leads to a decline of 250MW to 300MW in electricity supply at a time when demand is high,” it said. “Because of low gas pressure, KE’s power plants at Korangi and SITE are not able to operate at their optimum capacity despite remaining fully available.”

To resolve this issue, KE has requested to purchase re-liquefied natural gas (RLNG), if made available at required gas pressure, to meet short term requirements and is awaiting confirmation on the same.

At the same time, the power utility has also requested the federal government to increase supply from the national grid till 800MW from existing NKI and Jamshoro interconnections.

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KE’s furnace-oil fired power plants are fully functional at this time.

The company has expressed concerns that the continued curtailment of gas pressure may lead to socio-economic challenges due to increase in load shedding hours across all consumer segments including industrial zones.

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  1. KE a public listed company at PSX enjoyed previleged status incentives, concessions, under all Climate Change previlege to an Electric Utility consuming the state resources, subsidised fuel, tolerated Climate Change for Furnace Oil usage and the Forex spent for related consequences. KE should request KANUP for capacity Building by KE, or should also initiate own project for production with a clearance of related authorities for a license to optimise the supply for Karachi. Bahawalpur, and Punjab cities has Solar Energy Parks working successfully and has played a positive role in energy deficit gap in Punjab. Besides Ocean Currents, tidal wave, and other options also available to KE in reference to Coastal Belt, where several Nordic Region Groups may come to Karachi Coastal belt for Wind Power. KANUPP was an excellent option which could enhance the capacity with due permissions from the related Federal authorities, regulators.
    KE has shown the worst times to the city, dumping costliest electricity, to the city of Karachi. This has led the industrial city to the highest degree. Net metering is a joke for Karachi. Just see how NEPRA has incentives for Punjab for Net Metering. Please make it flexible, let every consumer be a contributor to KE whether himself, or his roof, just if the space is there please put your Solar Panels to the homes, and let them generate power.
    Please change the DARK streets, dark roads, all cause accidents, death, injuries its all because of darkness through out Karachi. Make the city as bright lit, sparkling as Germany, where Siemens Lighting company will let you buy directly from Osram, Germany.

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