Pakistani airline Rayyan Air to charter PIA’s Boeing 777

Rayyan Air, a Pakistani cargo airline, has signed an agreement with Pakistan International Airline to charter one of its Boeing 777 for its cargo operations.

Rayyan Air will operate cargo flights using this 777 from Pakistan mainly Islamabad to Urumqi in China. The aircraft will be used by Rayyan Air for four months.

Rayyan Air has an air operator certificate alongside a charter licence for passenger, cargo, and charter operations. PIA will provide one of its Boeing 777 which is likely to be AP-BMH, AP-BGK, or AP-BGJ.

The story has been corrected. The name of the airline was mistakenly reported as Ryanair.   


  1. The Ryanair may have entered into an agreement with a Chinese company to transport goods from Pakistan to China. This is embarrassing because the Chinese company instead of assigning such deal directly to Pakistan’s Airline, choosed an Irish Airline. The Irish Airline shall thus get benefits of the business. If PIA would had got the business directly, it must have been getting more benefits. The issue needs to be probed in to by the responsible office that why the National Carrier failed to fetch the business

  2. Yes
    As because when PAKISTAN AND CHINA have the best friendship and always support specifically CHINA, hence , it must be throughout probed that is there any kind of dirty involvement of money, kick back or commission etc etc.???

    • While working at different Oil & Gas Fields with Chinese Engineers and Professional, I don’t think so that China and Pakistan are Best Friends. Just Business.

  3. There is nothing between china and Pakistan what your saying dear friendship and all that shit china always do business and we do always friendship and on the other hand my brother was that pia deserve this contract directly so they know that PIA and specially Pakistani’s need danda do things like so that’s the reason this contract is coming from through someone else not directly from china because china always does the business

  4. This is not good for Pakistan. The contract should directly be given to PIA. PTI govt is sleeping they are in govt for nothing. These selected are bow down before establishment.

  5. Bhai only dry fruit will be upliffted from the country in these aircrafts nothing else china deal all dry fruit clean n pack in china and export all over tge world we are just watchi8n clapping and begging for dollars through banking chanel
    Intelegence at its max in tbis foolish govt

  6. Otherside of this deal shud be seen from
    Operation point of view;atleast PIA plane will be
    utilized &will bring some revenue to PIA as well.
    Some thing is better than nothing.This is start
    ,you never know how much further it is going
    to expand?There is lot of potential for utilizing
    available PIA Cargo routes on PIA code.CEO
    PIA has offered cargo routes of PIA to all Pakistani Operators last year when he met
    all Pakistani oprators.It is a good offer for
    Pakistan Aviators.

  7. Rayan is a Pakistan airline and they have been operating chartered flights ex Pakistan to multiple foreign destinations since long.


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