Textile sector’s success result of PTI manifesto to ensure sustainable growth: Asad

ISLAMABAD: Planning, Development and Special Initiatives Minister Asad Umar on Wednesday while referring to All Pakistan Textile Mills Association’s (APTMA) statement about changes in export based industry has said the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) government’s manifesto of sustainable economic growth was being fully implemented.

In a tweet, APTMA had said that the whole sentiment of the exports based industry had changed in the last two years while the future looks promising.

“Now with a 5 year policy commitment, we are heading for massive investment for doubling our exports and Inshallah creating five million jobs in the next 5 Years”, the association added.

The Planning and Development minister responded by saying that this was a result of sustainable growth that the PTI manifesto talked about and was now seeing turning into reality.

He added that the growth was export driven, job intensive, and investment backed unlike the “destructive, consumption driven, foreign debt financed short term bubbles which led to a crippling external crisis in past.”

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