Art debate and email etiquette – this week in Pakistan’s business and economics twittervers

The debate around the Single National Curriculum has taken over our timelines, and what we’re wondering is how this will affect all those big fancy private schools. And if Sindh doesn’t implement, will parents move from Karachi to Lahore for the sake of their kids’ education? Could this be the end to the city wars? It would be a sad way to end it. Ariba Shahid brings you all this and more in this week’s social media roundup. 


Art is art 

There has been great debate on art being treated as art. And a lot has been said on the fact that India is no longer our friend, of course they made that abundantly clear when they sent Abhinandan here. Well, that aside, does the Pakistani movie industry really face competition from international movies? Or are they so terrible that no one really wants to watch them? But also to add to Hassan Zaidi’s tweet, Israel isn’t exactly famous for good movies – just genocide and crocodile tears. The only recent movie star they’ve produced is Gal Gadot, and even she is a war criminal. Overall, very confusing tweet that isn’t here nor there. 

Lobster prices

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Why is the duck on the menu so expensive? Because duck prices have gone up. It’s that simple. Literally that simple. I don’t know why economists talk so much. It would be fascinating to see how the person that came up with this disclaimer would explain the effects of menu costs that the increased prices of lobster would have. Priceless podcast content. 

How to make money 101 

Honestly, if someone was making that much money they wouldn’t care about you registering for a course and paying $20. So how about you stop trying to get shortcuts to money and try doing it the old fashioned way by trial and error.

Help wanted 

Onboarding is difficult but it’s worthwhile if you discover amazing pizza through the process. This also makes me wonder if professional food tasters exist in Pakistan. If yes, please link me to them. Sorry boss, that may be an offer I cant say no to.

Email etiquette 

The use of Dear is questionable. It’s best to just call women Ms instead of Miss or Mrs. Why assume someone’s relationship status. Honestly, just keep it simple. If it’s Mr for all men, it’s Ms for all women. Those should just be the rules.

Boomers strike

Remember when boomers infested Facebook and you stopped using facebook and ended up on twitter? Well they’ve taken over linkedin and now we’re looking for jobs and connections on twitter. It’s just how it is.

SNC hour 

Honestly the debate on the SNC has taken over our timelines. Very few people have actually bothered reading up about it and are commenting on random snippets. Besides, how worse can it get for a country that already has so many ghost schools?

Calling Mr Hanif

We’re waiting for KE to come up with a Mohammed Hanif line in response to him. They might think of one before he gets his power back. Who knows?


Museums that cost us a fortune to maintain. Our country is that obsessed with relics from the past. 

Ariba Shahid
The author is a business journalist at Profit. She can be reached at [email protected] or at


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