Why hatchbacks are ideal for cities

Big cities across the world have a lot of similarities, they’re big, busy, loud, and they have a lot of hatchbacks. Commuting in a city is difficult, city-dwellers have to face traffic, in some cases smaller roads, in most cases, smaller parking spaces and above all, a phenomenon known as “rush-hour”. This is why city dwellers in Pakistan are seen driving hatchbacks like the Daihatsu Mira, Honda Fit, Suzuki Swift, and the very popular Suzuki Alto. 

Besides, modern hatchbacks are stylish, exciting, agile, and offer a lot of value for money. For example the Japanese imported Daihatsu Mira or the Toyota Aqua, come jam-packed with all kinds of safety features and their ergonomic interiors offer a lot of storage space.  

In major cities of Pakistan we have seen a great influx of hatchbacks of all kinds. Japanese imports are common and so are the locally assembled ones. Currently there are a lot of hatchbacks available over the world, some of the popular and most loved brands include the VW Golf, the Suzuki Swift 3rd generation, Ford Focus etc. Out of these, the 3rd generation Swift has been a big hit in the Indian and Asian market thanks to its modern aesthetics, wonderful performance and an array of gizmos and features.  In the coming months chances are that we will see a greater inflow of hatchbacks, maybe even the 3rd generation Swift, as Suzuki already has a strong foothold in the market and the previous Swift launched here was quite popular with its users. 

Living in cities with massive sedans or SUVs can be a nightmare. With a high number of vehicles on the road, traffic and a lack of safe car parking zones SUVs and sedans seem a less practical option. Whereas with a hatchback, it’s easy to weave through traffic, find a parking spot and navigate the narrow streets and lanes. 

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All in all, we can see the importance of practicality when it comes to living in a city. And there isn’t a more practical, economical or fun car type than the hatchback. In major cities of Pakistan, we already see a fair number of hatchbacks, and this number will continue to increase as long as the number of hatchbacks available in the market continue to increase. In fact, a new era of hatchbacks may just be around the corner. If the rumors about the 3rd generation Suzuki Swift entering the Pakistani market are to be believed, its production has already begun and it will be open for booking sometime later next month. 


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