Country on sound economic footing: Tarin

Minister for Finance and Revenue, Shaukat Tarin Friday said the country was on sound economic footings, which is indicated from the latest data of key economic indicators.

The finance minister referred to the robust industrial growth in February and a significant decrease of inflation in the previous week.

“Two important data points released today, Industrial output and SPI. Both highlight the sound economic footings. As per Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), Large Scale Manufacturing (LSM) grew by 8.2% in February; 7.6% during July-Jan FY22″, said Tarin.

Finance minister further added that the Sensitive Price Index (SPI) was down 1.37% week-on-week to 15% from 21% in December 2021


  1. While Shaukat Tarin has been a good servant for Pakistan, it is time to move on. We need fresh blood to provide vision for the long term economic growth of this country and not a vision which changes from one budge to the next mini budget. What we have been doing for the last many decades is clearly not working.

    We need strong structural reforms related to taxation and economic policies. When things start getting bad, only solution seems to be amnesty scheme to profit the elites of the country.

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