General Tyres accused of evading mandatory PSQCA registration since 2016

GTR directed to immediately halt all operations involving the manufacturing, sale, and storage of tyres

ISLAMABAD: A startling revelation has emerged as the Pakistan Standards & Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) operating under the purview of the Ministry of Science and Technology, issued a formal notice to General Tyres and Rubber Company (GTR). This notice centers around GTR’s alleged failure to register its product range with the regulatory body since 2016, effectively bypassing the obligatory quality inspection and certification protocol mandated by PSQCA legislation.

According to the official communication from PSQCA, General Tyres has been directed to immediately halt all operations involving the manufacturing, sale, and storage of tires until the products receive official certification and bear the authority’s mark. The aim of this regulatory intervention is to enhance the quality and standardization of automotive tires available in the market.

General Tyres and Rubber Company (GTR) holds a pivotal position as the nation’s premier automotive tire manufacturer, serving as the primary supplier to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). GTR caters to a significant 80% of the total tire requirements for OEMs, boasting an extensive and diverse portfolio that encompasses vehicles ranging from cars and light commercial vehicles to trucks, buses, tractors, and even CNG rickshaws.

As per the company, it has garnered an enduring reputation for consistently adhering to global quality standards. Aligning its products with original equipment (OE) specifications, GTR meticulously subjects its tires to rigorous testing in both Japan and Europe. GTR also has a large international footprint as it is underscored by its export of tires to various nations, including Afghanistan, Yemen, Botswana, Syria, Nepal and Bangladesh. 

A noteworthy highlight is the company’s historical international involvement in the manufacturing and export of tires for Formula III racing cars to the United Kingdom, Italy, and Sweden during the period of 1988-1998.

The PSQCA notice brings into focus the conspicuous absence of GTR’s products within the mandatory registration framework. This lack of certification and marking is viewed as a violation of PSQCA regulations, prompting the authority to take decisive action. 

The notice by PSQCA specifically referenced relevant sections of the Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority Act-VI of 1996, which unequivocally prohibit the production, sale, and storage of unregistered items.

Failure to heed the notice could potentially expose General Tyres and Rubber Company (GTR) to legal repercussions. In line with the PSQCA Act-VI of 1996, non-compliance may result in imprisonment of up to one year, substantial monetary fines, or a combination of both. Recognizing the potential consequences, PSQCA advises GTR to promptly halt the production and sale of unregistered tires and initiate the requisite application process to obtain certification from the authority.

This situation not only highlights the responsibility of manufacturers in upholding regulatory standards to ensure consumer safety and product excellence, but also poses a critical juncture for General Tyres as it responds to these allegations. Industry stakeholders and consumers are closely watching the unfolding developments in this significant case.

Insider sources introduce an intriguing dimension to the narrative, suggesting possible complicity within PSQCA’s ranks on the matter of registration of locally produced tyres. Allegedly, certain officials at PSQCA have been implicated in facilitating the evasion of mandatory inspections and registrations for financial gain, purportedly accepting kickbacks and bribes from companies. This revelation raises questions about the integrity of the regulatory process itself and highlights the need for thorough investigations.

In response to inquiries, the official spokesperson from GTR confirmed the receipt of the notice. The company pledged to provide a suitable response as required. Moreover, the spokesperson asserted that the company already adheres to international quality standards for its tire products.

Ghulam Abbas
Ghulam Abbas
The writer is a member of the staff at the Islamabad Bureau. He can be reached at [email protected]



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