UMT becomes top-ranked university in Pakistani private sector

The University of Management and Technology, Pakistan’s leading not-for-profit private sector university has proven that focus, commitment and faith in your abilities can lead to great rewards, both for individuals and institutions.

With humble beginnings in the year 1990, UMT has today become the number one private sector university in Pakistan, as validated by leading and highly respected university ranking bodies of the world.

In its latest feat, UMT has been named among the top 150 young universities of the world by Times Higher Education (THE). THE is a globally renowned ranking body that is considered an authority on rating universities around the world in accordance with their carefully crafted ranking parameters.

THE has been publishing university rankings since 2004 and their analysis is widely considered the final word in the world of global higher education. Over the years, THE has added several new rankings to complement its annual World University Rankings. These include subject wise rankings, Impact Rankings, Reputation Rankings and regional rankings.

Young University Rankings
One of the key rankings THE added to its list in 2019 was the Young University Rankings. The Young rankings includes the world’s best universities that are 50 years old or younger. The universities are ranked on the basis of 13 performance indicators, including teaching, research, knowledge transfer and international outlook, faculty citations etc.

For the 2023 edition, THE included 605 universities in the ranking, with 48 of them being from Pakistan. Maintaining its stature as the top higher educational institute in Pakistan, UMT remained the highest ranked university in Pakistan, outclassing its competitors in both the public and private sector. It was placed in the 101-150 band, meaning UMT is now one of the top 150 young universities in the world. The top Pakistani university has now been placed in the same league as Liverpool John Moores University, IIT Indore, IIT Ropar, and Middlesex University. This is indeed validation of a long-held claim by UMT that its academic and research strength is comparable to top higher education institutions of the world. UMT scored an impressive 99.9 — a perfect score —for research citations, a clear indication of the effectiveness and impact of the university’s research output.

THE Asia Rankings
Earlier in June 2023, THE released its 11th edition of the Asia Rankings, with 669 universities included for the 2023 list. The rankings included 33 nations, and Pakistan was represented by 29 universities. Again, UMT stood out from the crowd by becoming the number 1 ranked private sector university in Pakistan in the Asian rankings. UMT was placed at the 116th position, far outclassing other private sector institutions like LUMS (201-250 band) and University of Lahore (251-300 band).

THE World University Rankings
Times Higher Education rolled out its World University Rankings 2023 in October last year. The 2023 edition was a momentous occasion for UMT as it rose to the position of the number 1 private sector university in Pakistan for the first time. UMT has always been focused on cutting-edge research and its efforts finally bore fruit when THE awarded a perfect score of 99.9 to UMT for its citations.

THE citations indicator basically assessed a university’s research influence and the university’s role in spreading new knowledge and ideas. THE says the number is “calculated by evaluating the average number of times a university’s published work is cited by scholars globally” and carries a 30% weightage in the overall score.
UMT’s score of 99.9 indicates the true strength of the impact its research output has on the real world.

Commenting on the continued successes, UMT/ILM Trust Board of Governors Member Ibrahim Hasan Murad said the university had stayed committed to its founding principle of creating value for its students and the academic world.

“Thought leadership has been at the very core of UMT’s academic and societal mission. We have all put knowledge creation and new thinking before all else, be it our curriculum or our industry linkages. We have a true service mindset, and this spirit of serving the academia, the youth and the country is what strengthens our resolve each day,” Murad added.

“God willing, we are now aiming to become the top-ranked university in all of Asia, not just Pakistan.”

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