Competition Commission imposes Rs 2m fine on Bahria Town



Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) has imposed a fine of Rs. 2 million on Bahria Town (Islamabad) for not allowing Nayatel to offer its services in Phase 1 to 6, reported Propakistani.

According to a CCP order, a resident of Bahria Town filed a complaint with CCP against Bahria Town being involved in anti-competitive practices by allowing only one operator (PTCL) in Bahria Town phase 1 to 6.

After hearing the case, CCP found Bahria Town guilty and imposed a fine of Rs. 2 million on it.

CCP also directed Bahria Town to work with Nayatel in laying down the fiber optic in phase 1 to 6. It also asked Nayatel to use the  best technology and maintain infrastructure standards to the best satisfaction of Bahria Town.

CCP also asked Bahria Town to work with any other potential entrants into the telecom market.



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