Pakistan Post incurs losses worth Rs 24b in past 6 yrs


Pakistan Post Office Department (PPOD) has incurred Rs 25,060.275m  losses from 2009-10 to 2014-15 as its expenditures during 2009-10 to 2014-15 were Rs 52,104.243m.

According to an official document, showing PPOD’s 10-year revenue record, it had failed to earn profits for the last six financial years.

PPOD had earned Rs 133.532m profits in 2005-2006, Rs 153.804m in 2006-7, Rs 128.798m in 2007-08 and Rs 404.199m in 2008-09.

PPOD had started enduring deficits in FY 2009-10. The department had endured Rs 25,060.275m losses from 2009-10 to 2014-15.The expenditures during 2009-10 to 2014-15 were Rs 52,104.243m.

The department had suffered Rs 145.890m losses in 2009-10, Rs 1,893.104m in 2010-11, Rs 4,258.540m in 2011-12, Rs 6,588.540m in 2013-14 and the department had endured Rs 6,331.066m deficits during financial year 2014-15.

According to the details of revenues earned by PPOD from financial year 2005-06, the department had earned Rs 4,948.790m revenues in 2005-6, Rs 5,642.845m in 2006-07, Rs 6,239.464m in 2007-08, Rs 7,725.408m in 2008-09, Rs 8,385.227m in 2009-10, Rs 8,331.576m in 2010-11, Rs 8,249.885m in 2011-12, Rs 8,337.446m in 2012-13, and Rs 9,126.597m in 2013-14.

Giving details of expenditures incurred on PPOD during financial years 2005 to 2015, the document said a sum of Rs 4,815.258m was spent to meet various expenses during 2005-06, Rs 5,489.041m in 2006-07, Rs 6,110.666m in 2007-08, Rs 7,321.209m in 2008-09, Rs 8,531.117m in 2009-10, Rs 10,224.680m in 2010-11, Rs 12,508.425m in 2011-12, Rs 14,180.581m in 2012-13, Rs 15,715.137m in 2013-14 and Rs 16.004.578m was spent during 2014-15.



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