PCDMA rejects regulatory duty on imported items

KARACHI: Pakistan Chemicals & Dyes Merchants Association (PCDMA) Chairman Arif Lakhani on Sunday rejected regulatory duty on 250 imported items imposed by Ministry of Commerce and FBR.

Expressing concern over the enforcement of regulatory duty, the PCDMA chairman said that the move would obstruct the progress of the country, so before going to implement any decision, it should be consulted with all stakeholders so as to avoid any effect on the economy of the country and business activities.

Lakhani said that basic items of household, including pulses and fruits, and 100 items from agriculture sector had also been included in the list of regulatory duty of 250 imported items, which was not a wise decision.

He further said that imposition of a regulatory duty on the imported raw material of industries and agricultural products would definitely leave a bad impact on importing activities because importers would purchase limited material due to additional regulatory duty, which would increase their value. It would also cause a shortage of important items including pulses in the local market, he argued.

PCDMA chairman demanded of Federal Commerce Minister and FBR Chairman not to impose any additional regulatory duty on any imported item without consultation with all stakeholders.

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