SECP tells listed companies to submit financial statements in PDF, MS Excel formats

KARACHI: Consequent upon the promulgation of the Companies Act, 2017, every listed company, in addition, to file its annual financial statements, the auditors’ report, directors’ report and chairman review report through post, is required to send electronically a copy of the annual financial statements along with the aforesaid reports to the SECP.

This provision has been added to the Act to ensure effective compliance by listed companies at a reduced cost. The SECP has designated an email address, i.e. [email protected] vide Circular No 24/2017 for electronic transmission and advised all listed companies to transmit annual and quarterly financial statements both in ‘PDF’ and ‘MS Excel’ formats through email.

However, it has been observed that in some of the instances listed companies have filed their annual and quarterly financial statements in either PDF or MS Excel formats, which is against the spirit of the provisions of the Act and the Circular. Accordingly, all listed companies are hereby advised to ensure transmission of their annual and quarterly financial statements strictly in both PDF and MS Excel formats.

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