Mehran’s last edition next year to have added features

After 28 years, Mehran plans to go out with a bang. Rumors of an upgraded limited edition

KARACHI: Criticised and stigmatised as a symbol of lack of innovation on part of local assemblers, Pak Suzuki is expected to add some feature in Mehran in its last edition next year, since the company wants to close the ‘extended’ chapter on a high note.

Despite lack of innovation and safety features, Mehran cars dominate the roads throughout Pakistan. Mehran has never been innovated, apart from a slight facelift and a bit of up gradation in the engine after 2013, since 1989.

However, according to a source, Pak Suzuki has planned to add some features in Mehran in its last model due in 2018. But the changes have not been finalised yet.

“It would have some features different from previous editions. It would be labelled as a ‘limited edition’ or something like that. Pak Suzuki is working on it but has not yet finalised any features,” the source said. The source requested anonymity because they have not been authorised to speak about company plans.

“Whatever people say, Mehran has brought a lot of people from a two-wheeler to a four-wheeler,” the source added. “I think if it lacks safety features, it has at least provided better road safety than two-wheeler in its extensive almost 30 years of production,” the source added.

However, Pak Suzuki’s spokesperson, far from confirming the information, said the company has not even finalised its plans of phasing out Mehran next year.

“The rest are market talks and rumours,” the spokesperson added.

Mehran was the second highest selling car behind Toyota Corolla during the period of July to November 2017.

Pak Suzuki last year announced that it would discontinue Mehran in 2018 and would replace it with 660 CC Alto.

Mehran have had been popular with middle-class as its maintenance has been compared with that of a motorcycle, the source added. Moreover, its parts are also very cheap. Mehran has been the first car for many people and families in Pakistan.

Bilal Hussain
Bilal Hussain
Bilal Hussain is a Business Reporter at Profit by Pakistan Today.

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