Punjab Food Authority declares 61 ghee, cooking oil brands ‘unhealthy’

LAHORE: The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has declared 61 ghee and cooking oil brands unhealthy for usage and has further seized 47,233 litres of ghee and cooking oil after a sample collection drive in the market.

During the drive, 61 brands of oil and ghee failed to meet the quality standards whereas 118 others were found up to the mark, PFA Director General Muhammad Usman said.

The drive was launched to check standards, quality and the availability of requisite micronutrients in ghee and cooking oil, said the PFA Director and the provincial food regulatory authority would not allow anyone to sell products that are injurious to health, he added.

Following the drive of collecting 267 samples of cooking oil and ghee for the laboratory test, the PFA released the results of the sample collection of edible ghee and cooking oil. However, the analysis of 88 brands is still under process, the regulatory body said.

The ghee and cooking oil which are unfit for consumption as per PFA standards, include;

  1. Abid Koh-e-Noor Banaspati
  2. Ambar Banaspati
  3. Apna Banaspati
  4. Apna Canola Oil
  5. Areej Premium Banaspati
  6. Atif Banaspati
  7. Attiya Banaspati
  8. Badar Cooking Oil
  9. Behtreen Banaspati
  10. Crispo Vegetable Oil
  11. Dawat Cooking Oil
  12. Enam Cooking Oil
  13. Faizi Banaspati
  14. Gai Canola Cooking Oil
  15. Gai Cooking Oil
  16. Gai Sunflower Cooking Oil
  17. Ghousia Banaspati
  18. Ghousia Canola Oil
  19. Gold Rehmat Banaspati
  20. Hoor Canola Oil
  21. Hoor Cooking Oil
  22. Hoor Sunflower Oil
  23. Ittehad Cooking Oil
  24. Kamiyab Cooking Oil
  25. Kamran Banaspati
  26. Karwan Banaspati
  27. Kausar Canola Oil
  28. Kausar Cooking Oil
  29. Khajoor Cooking Oil
  30. Kisan Cooking Oil (Sunflower)
  31. Lives Cooking Oil
  32. Mamta Banaspati
  33. Mujahid Cooking Oil
  34. Naimat Canola Oil
  35. Naturelle Cooking Oil
  36. Nice Banaspati
  37. Nirala Banaspati
  38. Olio Premium Canola Oil
  39. Olio Premium Sunflower Oil
  40. Qarni Banaspati
  41. Rahat Banaspati Ghee
  42. Seasons Frying Oil
  43. Sitara Cooking Oil
  44. Sultan Sunflower Oil
  45. Zareen Banaspati
  46. Chand Banaspati
  47. Ella Cooking Oil
  48. Evolin Vegetable Banaspati
  49. Evolin Vegetable Cooking Oil
  50. Fauji Cooking Oil
  51. Golden Sun Banaspati
  52. Golden Sun Cooking Oil
  53. Ittehad Banaspati
  54. Khajur Banaspati
  55. Lives Banaspati
  56. Madni Cooking Oil
  57. Shamim Banaspati
  58. Sultan Canola Oil
  59. Sultan Cooking Oil
  60. Zaiqa Cooking Oil.
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