‘Textile sector to be developed with trained workforce’


ISLAMABAD: Adviser to the Prime Minister on Commerce Abdul Razzaq Dawood has vowed to develop the textile industry on modern lines.

Chairing a meeting on the textile industry in Islamabad on Monday, the adviser said the textile industry could not develop in the country due to the shortage of trained workforce.

He said the development of human resource is amongst the priorities of the incumbent government and the country requires 300,000 trained people annually.

On the occasion, the adviser was apprised about the problems faced by the textile industry.


  1. When this’ WILL BE, become developed textile sector? five months already passed. There is no progress on exports worth mentioning. Challenges are getting serious with every passing day. Trained manpower is not a big problem as Pakistan textile industry has reasonably been developed with this manpower. So problem lies somewhere else, if to be realist.

    • Pakistan’s textile industry produces low quality products with higher cost due to their vintage machinery which makes their uncompetitive. The export package should be conditional to the replacement of vintage machinery and manufacturing of value added products otherwise this facility would mean nothing, it’s like giving free electricity to old light bulb manufacturers which no one buys nowadays and it would be thrown trash.

      • Modernizing textile industry and for that sake any industry is a gradual process exclusively to be undertaken by the private sector.Govt need to provide incentive on taxation, providing plots on deffer ed payment in installments say in the special economic zones or elsewhere, ease of doing business etc

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