Differences continue over administrative changes at FBR’s top brass: Report

ISLAMABAD: As challenges on the tax revenue collection front persist alongside shortfalls for the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), a deadlock continues at the top political level regarding making the administrative changes in it.

This comes in the wake of tax revenue shortfalls which are expected to surpass Rs230 billion in the ongoing month, reports Express Tribune.

According to government sources, Prime Minister Imran Khan is unwilling to change FBR Chairman Jehanzeb Khan at this juncture.

Contrarily, Finance Minister Asad Umar and Minister of State for Revenue Hammad Azhar had a different view, the sources added.

In meetings behind closed doors, PM Khan is said to have expressed displeasure over the poor performance of the tax regulator.

However, on Wednesday during a dinner hosted by the PM for the top taxpayers of the country, he gave a pat on the back to the FBR Chairman.

Admitting to the need of reforms, PM Khan stated FBR chairman was working on reforming the tax authority.

In response to a question pertaining to a difference of opinion between the finance minister and PM Khan, Mr Umar didn’t directly respond to the query.

However, he shared reforms and undertaking reforms in the FBR were two different things and spoke to media personnel after attending a conference.

As per sources, the ministers believe that Jehanzeb Khan wasn’t leading the FBR effectively.


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