Digitisation critical to ensure transparency in businesses: PM


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Wednesday that digitalization was critical to ensuring efficiency and transparency in the conduct of official businesses.

He was chairing a meeting on digitalization of the government processes and how the latest information technology (IT) solutions such as blockchain could help ensure efficiency, transparency, overall service delivery in line with the vision of the government.

He said the IT solution would help address some of the major issues that had hampered the steady economic growth in the past.

The digitisation will also create much-needed synergies among the government organizations which would ensure frictionless service delivery and improve ease of doing business in the country, the prime minister said.

A team of Pakistani IT experts from United Arab Emirates, invited by Special Assistant to Prime Minister Sayed Zulfiqar Abbas Bukhari, briefed the prime minister on way forward in digitalization of various government processes.

The discussion encompassed transparency and efficiency in government processes using emerging technologies like blockchain.


  1. It is real positive move, all transections to be digitalized most importantly money changers all transections to be 100% on log, and SBP shall have access, with both changer and recipient log. Culture of electronic banking at point of sale to be increased by greatest efforts SBP & Minister of finance shall promote/support it by maximum possible facilitation. This will bring very positive change in Pakistan economy


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