Asad Umar steps down as finance minister

ISLAMABAD: Asad Umar on Thursday announced his decision to leave the post of federal finance minister.

Umar took to Twitter and wrote, “As part of a cabinet reshuffle PM desired that I take the energy minister portfolio instead of finance. However, I have obtained his consent to not take any cabinet position. I strongly believe @ImranKhanPTI is the best hope for Pakistan and inshallah will make a naya Pakistan.”

More details to follow


  1. It was a wrong decision and the first one to get intense criticism from the opposite clans of corrupt politicians and media. IK should have given Asad Umar more time and more freedom to take more steps in strengthening Pak economy. A new person will have to learn from the ABC. And what about all the work Asad has done, and his meetings with IMF and Americans during this time?? Won’t Asad’s decisions be questioned now, would his work done be reshuffled too?? It’s the move the opposite side was waiting for, they’ll crush IK for the weakness of his powers of taking right decisions. Why he absorbed that negativity to heart, he was being targeted so his party’s unity may be broken. I think he would suffer a serious set back from this decision as none of his die hard PTI cabinet ministers would put their heart and soul in their work any more.

  2. Asad Umar has been made a scapegoat by PTI and Imran Khan. He was advising since the first day to take bold steps such as broadening the tax base, removing subsidies and most importantly privatization of sick state units. However his policies which were highly needed by Pakistan was against Imran Khan’s socialist thoughts as IK never was in favor of privatization.

    It was really bad that cabinet decided to remove him while he was out away in US negotiating with IMF. That was backstabbing at its best. That was the reason he did not take petroleum ministry as it was quite insulting to make that decision without giving him even 1 year. Sad time for PTI as he was by far the most qualified among other ministers.

  3. Also, the decision to not go to IMF as soon as PTI came into power was the decision made by Imran Khan and Asad Umar just defended and supported his decision. Imran Khan was against IMF since his opposition days. This delay in going to IMF proved to be a big disaster as the Govt should have gone to IMF from day one as that would have stablized the economy and provided much needed investor confidence.

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