Minister inaugurates new freight train in Karachi


Railways Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed on Thursday inaugurated a new freight train in Karachi, Radio Pakistan reported.

Addressing the inauguration ceremony, Sheikh Rasheed said, “During the first year of the incumbent government, the traffic of freight trains has been doubled while the number of passenger of Pakistan Railways has also been increased.”

The minister vowed the speed of the passenger trains would be enhanced to 200 kilometres per hour.

“A new signal system on the railway lines will also be launched soon.”

Earlier in the day, Sheikh Rasheed had claimed that Pakistan Railways would run bullet trains in the country under Prime Minister Imran Khan’s tenure.

Talking to media, the minister had said, “Prime Minister Khan is leaving for China on October 7 and we have high hopes that he would come back after finalizing the ML-1 project, after which, we will also construct ML-2.”

Sheikh Rasheed claimed that the country was coming out of the economic crisis, however, the opposition parties were busy in their bids to spread hopelessness among the public.