Imran Khan directs ministry not to increase gas tariff

ISLAMABAD: No additional burden would be shifted to the gas consumers, rather steps would be taken to facilitate them under the recently announced economic relief package, said Prime Minister Imran Khan in a video message after chairing a high-level meeting on the energy sector.

In a meeting, the prime minister directed the Energy Minister not to put the burden of gas prices on consumers and defer any such increase in the tariff.

Special Assistant to the PM on Information Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan said the meeting decided that reforms would be introduced in the gas sector and various steps would be taken to resolve problems of the gas consumers.

She said the meeting decided to introduce institutional reforms in the gas sector. The Energy Committee was directed to present the reform agenda in the ECC meeting. She said the PM issued directives for ensuring an uninterrupted supply of gas to the consumers.

Further, she said it was decided that the gas supply to the industrial and commercial sectors would be provided from other sources including LNG and LPG.

During the meeting, the gas companies were asked to set up consumer facilitation centers as early as possible. Moreover, the heads of gas companies were directed to cut costs and take concrete measures to eliminate gas theft and reduce line losses.

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