Ferozsons dissociates itself from marketing of unlicensed Covid-19 treatment imported from Bangladesh

Ferozsons Laboratories Limited has dissociated itself from the launch of an unlicensed treatment for Covid-19, being imported from Bangladesh.

Clarifying its position, the company stated, “A message is circulating on WhatsApp and social media, purportedly confirming the launch of an unlicensed treatment for Covid-19 imported from Bangladesh. The message quotes a price of Rs20,000 per injection, and promotes a 10-day Covid-19 treatment course at a package cost of Rs220,000. Certain versions of this message also appear to link the name of Ferozsons Laboratories Limited with the launch. We would like to clarify to the public at large that Ferozsons has no connection with the launch of the treatment being imported from Bangladesh and marketed in Pakistan.”

It should be noted that no product can be launched or promoted in Pakistan prior to regulatory approval from the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP), and Ferozsons “takes exception to the linkage of its name with the launch or promotion of any treatment which is yet to receive DRAP approval”.

Remdesivir, a proprietary product of Gilead Sciences Inc., USA, was granted Emergency Use Authorisation by the United States FDA on May 1, 2020.

“As a licensee of Gilead Sciences, Ferozsons, through its subsidiary BF Biosciences Limited, is committed to urgently making available a licensed product manufactured under a technology transfer of the Gilead manufacturing process for remdesivir, and to ethical communication at all times.”


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